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Get the mental health care you need in San Francisco

It can be hard to ask for help if you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or any other mental health issue. That’s why Rula Mental Health in San Francisco has made it easy for you to access quality, credentialed therapists. We understand that the process of finding the right therapist or psychologist can be half the battle when it comes to your mental health. So we listen to you and match you with a provider who will fit your specific needs and preferences. We also make sure that your therapist will be able to work with your schedule. And since Rula Mental Health in San Francisco offers online therapy, you can get the care you need in the comfort of your home.

Rula Mental Health in San Francisco helps you take the first step

With more than 870,000 people living in the Golden Gate City and over 7.75 million in the Bay Area, life here can sometimes feel overwhelming. San Francisco is home to one of the world’s largest tech hubs — and some of the country’s most expensive real estate. Which is all to say that living in San Francisco can take a lot of effort. So finding and vetting a psychologist or therapist might keep getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. That’s where Rula Mental Health in San Francisco comes in. We’re here to make the process of getting mental health care easy. We’ll match you with a provider who fits your needs and schedule, so you can focus on feeling better. And even if you live outside the San Francisco area, our team can help because all of our therapists offer online sessions. We’ve made taking the first step to better mental health easy.

Types of Therapists in San Francisco, CA

Depression Therapists –
Anxiety Therapists – 
Stress Therapists – 
Bipolar Disorder Therapists – 
Child & Pediatric Therapists – 
Couples Therapists – 
Trauma and PTSD Therapists – 
Therapists Who Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield – 
Cognitive Behavioral Therapists (CBT) – 
Sex Therapists – 
Marital and Pre-Marital Therapists – 
Dialectical Behavioral Therapists (DBT) – 
Eating Disorder Therapists – 
LGBTQIA+ Therapists – 
Black/African American Therapists

3 mental health tips for life in San Francisco

Get outside: Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to improve your overall well-being. Lucky for you, San Francisco has 220 city parks, as well as nearby national parks, including 80,000 acres of beautiful coastal lands in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Getting out for a hike, bike, or walk can energize you and provide a new perspective on challenges you may be facing.

Be a visitor in your city: Even if you’ve lived in San Francisco your entire life, there’s probably a hidden corner of your city that you have yet to explore. Take a walking tour and learn about San Francisco’s role in the 1960s and 1970s counterculture movement. Visit the Palace of Fine Arts, the last remaining building from the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition. Or simply wander a neighborhood that’s unfamiliar to you. Seeing your city with fresh eyes can help you reset and relax.

Reach out to Rula Mental Health: This may actually be the easiest thing you can do to start your journey toward feeling better. The Rula Mental Health team in San Francisco understands that asking for help might be scary — that’s why they’re specially trained to help you feel comfortable through every step of the process. Contact us today to find the right therapist for you.

Find Therapists and Counselors Serving San Francisco

  • Caroline Grim, LMFT
  • Earl Villorente, LCSW
  • Maria Migliore, LCSW
  • Alexandria Neff, LMFT
  • Stacie Brown, LMFT
  • Amanda Ajmal, LMFT
  • Vong Chang, LCSW
  • Anisa Wesley, LCSW
  • Joe Taylor, LMFT
  • Suzanne Erickson, LCSW
  • Diane Dawson-Sittre, LMFT
  • Leslie Westbrook, LMFT
  • Salome Dubenetzky, LCP
  • Hoolyaneh Simian, LMFT
  • Elizabeth Staggs, LMFT
  • Michael Brown, LMFT
  • Denise Holmes, LCSW
  • Jessica Medina, LCSW
  • Brenda Cervantes, LCSW
  • Noel Guevara, LCSW
  • Emi Tanaka, LCSW
  • Crystal Carrillo, LMFT
  • Chandra Baylor, LMFT
  • Cienna Bancroft, LMFT
  • Maya Attia, LMFT
  • Maureen Tyra, LCSW
  • Edward Olvera, LMFT
  • Renee Bond, LMFT
  • Takinia Jones, LCSW
  • Rebekah McCammon, LPCC
  • Amarilys Rosales Martinez, LCSW
  • Janie Montiel, LMFT
  • Melody Culhane, LMFT
  • Kelly Kratzer, LMFT
  • Sharon Jones, LMFT
  • Stacy Hollomon, LMFT
  • Daniel Powell, LMFT
  • Erika Chawla, LPCC
  • Mercy Fausto, LMFT
  • Pinkal Shah, LMFT
  • Rowena Claudio-Fernandez, LCSW
  • Lan Wang, LMFT
  • Deborah Corsaro, LMFT
  • Clement Osakue, LMFT
  • Kristin Gratz, LPCC
  • Elisa Renteria-Saldana, LCSW
  • Janet Rodriguez, LCSW
  • Jamie Neal, LCSW
  • Jeremiah Hein, LCSW
  • Dana Taha, LCSW
  • Shaylale Taylor, LMFT
  • Amanda Neiman, LMFT
  • Lois Schunk, LMFT
  • Tyesha Sullivan, LMFT
  • Mariah Guidry, LCSW
  • Melishia Phillips, LMFT
  • Jonah Givelber, LCSW
  • Rachel Douglas, LMFT
  • Edward Keehn, LCP
  • Natalie Graves, LMFT
  • David Johnson, LMFT
  • Jessica Flowers-Guerrero, LMFT
  • Melissa Alexander, LMFT
  • Leah Krinsky Atkins, LMFT
  • Christine Wong, LMFT
  • Suzanne McMaster, LCSW
  • Michael Stephens, LMFT
  • Erin King, LPCC
  • Mitchica Smith, LCSW
  • Cynthia McIntyre, LMFT
  • Dino Petruzzi, LMFT
  • Lara Zaghikian, LCSW
  • Brice Hildreth, LCSW
  • Brionna Schroeder, LMFT
  • Sneha Carr, LMFT
  • Eliza Warde, LMFT
  • Patricia Rodriguez, LMFT
  • Alex Aiello, LMFT
  • Susan Rivieccio, LMFT
  • Janine Monson- Savage, LCSW
  • Noah Pasternak, LMFT
  • Stephanie Sambrano, LMFT
  • Sheena Sweet, LMFT
  • Elizabeth (Ashton) Harris, LCSW
  • Nancy Garcia, LCSW
  • Abigail Morse, LCSW
  • Anita Gurin, LMFT
  • Tsueyhwa Pan, LCSW
  • Julie Hernandez, LCSW
  • Geoffrey Smith, LMFT
  • Anna Maria LeVeaux, LCP
  • Susan Kelejian, LCSW
  • Elyse Davis, LMFT
  • Janet Moore, LCSW
  • Laura Neimark-Gizara, LCSW
  • Callie Meyer-Lee, LMFT
  • Bonnie Monfils, LMFT
  • Rachel “Samantha” Davidge, LCSW
  • India Garza, LCSW
  • Theresa Leal, LCSW