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Take the first step. Online therapy with Rula.

Rula makes it simple to take the first step towards better mental health. Explore licensed, in-network therapists who specialize in your unique needs.

How it works.

From beginning to end, we'll tailor your online therapy experience to you.

Rula uses your preferences and insurance information to find therapists who fit your needs.

Choose from a curated list of in-network providers and book your first session in minutes.

Meet with your therapist via live video in as little as 2 days to get started.

Benefits of online therapy

Bypass the logistical hurdles and meet with a therapist from wherever is most convenient for you.


The ability to attend sessions from a comfortable location, such as your home, can help you feel more relaxed and open up during sessions.


Greater diversity
Looking beyond nearby zip codes makes it easier to find someone who specializes in your unique needs.


Access to care
Online therapy ensures those with physical or mental limitations can access the care they need.


Still not sure? Learn more about how online therapy can help you meet your mental health goals.

Covered by insurance

At Rula, we believe mental health is healthcare. We work with the major insurance carriers nationwide to make it easy for patients to get the care they need at a price they can afford.

Types of online therapy at Rula

Individual therapy
Provides a safe and confidential space for personal self-exploration and growth, addressing emotional and psychological challenges.


Couples therapy
Fosters improved communication, empathy, and conflict resolution skills, enhancing the quality of romantic relationships.


Family therapy
Promotes understanding and harmony within a family unit by exploring interpersonal dynamics and resolving conflicts.


Hear from our patients

We’re making online therapy work the way it should.

Find your match

Rula's network of 8,000+ therapists includes experts from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of specialities. 

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Individual therapy

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