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Rula Blog

Behavioral health information you can trust, verified by clinicians.

How long do manic episodes last, and what causes them?

How long a manic episode will last depends on the type of mania and the individual person.

How to stop being codependent

Overcoming codependency and creating healthier relationships is possible with the right support.

The benefits of combining therapy and psychiatry

Many people find more relief from their mental health symptoms when they see both a therapist and a psychiatric provider.

A guide to healthy coping mechanisms 

Healthy coping mechanisms can help you deal with stress and other uncomfortable emotions.

What are the differences between bipolar 1 and 2?

Although the two types of bipolar disorder share many similarities, they are separate conditions.

What to expect from your first psychiatry appointment and how to prepare

Knowing what to expect and how to prepare can help you make the most of your appointment.

Why and how to forgive someone who hurt you

Forgiveness can help you release emotional burdens and move forward without resentment.

How to get better at handling rejection

Although rejection is a normal part of life, it can take some practice to learn how to handle it well.

What are the most common signs of a gambling addiction?

People with gambling disorder keep gambling even when it negatively affects their finances and relationships.

Understanding the causes and symptoms of disruptive mood dysregulation disorder

Children with DMDD experience a near-constant state of anger and irritability.