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Rula Blog

Behavioral health information you can trust, verified by clinicians.

Ethical considerations for progress notes: What to leave in, what to leave out

Here’s how to provide the right details while protecting your client’s privacy.

Successful intake sessions: Six tips for therapists

Here’s how to start your relationship with clients off on the right foot.

What are the differences between individual, couples, and family therapy?

Rula can help you connect with support to meet your evolving needs.

What is attachment-based therapy?

Attachment-based therapy can help you build more meaningful connections.

What is family therapy? Healing the bonds between loved ones

The goal of family therapy is to heal the family unit.

How to set up your workspace to provide teletherapy from home

Create a workspace that supports both you and your clients.

What is couples therapy? Take a therapeutic journey together

In couples therapy, the relationship is the client.

What is individual therapy? Start your therapeutic journey

Individual therapy allows for a total focus on you and your evolving needs.

Therapist Spotlight: Dr. Judi Passy, LMFT

Meet Dr. Judi Passy, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works with Rula.

How to handle doorknob confessions as a therapist

Here’s how to use them to deepen the therapeutic relationship.

Thinking about restarting therapy? Here’s what to consider

Therapy is a tool you can return to as life circumstances change.

How therapists can manage risk in telehealth

Create a strong therapeutic alliance while managing risk with these tips.