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Rula Blog

Behavioral health information you can trust, verified by clinicians.

Six ways to heal from childhood trauma

Childhood trauma can affect your daily life and well-being, but it’s possible to heal and move forward.

ADHD comorbidity: Common conditions and treatment strategies

There are many mental health conditions that often coexist and interact with ADHD.

What is bulimia nervosa? Potential causes, symptoms, and treatments

Bulimia involves a cycle of binging and purging that can be difficult to overcome without professional help.

Understanding the different presentations of OCD

Despite how OCD is commonly portrayed in the media, this mental health condition can take many forms.

Is amnesia real? The common types and causes of amnesia

Amnesia is a real condition that can cause memory loss or make it hard to retain new memories.

Understanding anorexia nervosa: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

Anorexia involves restricted eating and can lead to dangerously low body weight.

What is existential therapy, and how can it help you?

Existential therapy can help you find meaning in life and improve your mental health.

Understanding magical thinking OCD

People with magical thinking OCD believe that their thoughts and behaviors can affect what happens in the real world.

What’s the difference between depression and major depressive disorder (MDD)?

Feeling depressed is not the same as having major depressive disorder, but help is available either way.

Understanding false memory OCD

False memory OCD causes people to question the validity of their memories.

Major depressive disorder therapies, symptoms, and causes

MDD can negatively affect your life, but there are many treatment options available.

Understanding existential OCD

If your focus on life’s big questions is taking a toll on your mental health, help is available.