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Rula Blog

Behavioral health information you can trust, verified by clinicians.

Understanding checking OCD: Symptoms and treatments

Checking OCD causes people to compulsively check that things are done completely or correctly.

What is acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)?

ACT can decrease distress by helping you learn to accept things as they are.

What is narcissistic personality disorder? Types and treatment options

Symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder can present differently between people.

Attachment styles: Why they matter and how to identify your style

Your experiences with caregivers during childhood can impact how you feel and act in your adult relationships.

Are you experiencing symptoms of high-functioning depression? Self-assessment test

This quiz can’t diagnose you, but it can help you assess your symptoms and take the first step toward recovery.

What is REBT (rational emotive behavior therapy)?

REBT is a form of therapy that can help you identify and change unhelpful beliefs and behaviors.

What are other specified feeding or eating disorders (OSFED)?

OSFED describes disordered eating behaviors that don’t meet the criteria for another eating disorder.

What is “just right” OCD, and how is it treated?

“Just right” OCD causes significant distress when things are out of order or imperfect.

What is applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy?

ABA therapy can help children with autism through positive reinforcement.

Understanding malignant narcissism

People with malignant narcissism show symptoms of both NPD and ASPD.

What is pica? Causes, symptoms, and treatment options

Pica is an eating disorder that causes people to eat non-food items.

Understanding communal narcissism

People with communal narcissism appear kind and giving, but they tend to have selfish intentions.